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florida business workshops

Connecting ground-breaking professionals with ground-breaking ideas.
We work with businesses to create professional workshops for the professionals in their community. Our workshops provide a forum for learning and discovering the big ideas shaping the business of tomorrow. Our curriculum, presented by seasoned instructors, covers a diverse range of topics relevant to businesses, and professionals operating in today's fast-changing digital multimedia environment. 
The business landscape is increasingly competitive. Competition, traditionally localized, and fierce, is today, further exacerbated by global competitors. Today's digital market landscape is one driven by information accessibility. A big win for consumers: access to competitive pricing information for anything! For businesses, a case of glass half empty.
Businesses can no longer depend on opaque market pricing access to protect and pad their bottom lines. To thrive in today's marketplace, businesses need to adapt to the new reality, embrace the open access market, and retool their operations to leverage all the tools and strategies of the digital economy.
Our workshops are designed to help businesses, and the professionals who work within and along these, to understand, embrace, adopt, enhance, and ultimately thrive in this new reality.
Our instructors are sources of invaluable insight into the critical subject matters that make difference between succeeding and failing business strategies.
From basic business knowledge, competitive market analysis, best practices and processes, business management, and of course, leveraging today's social media to marketing and customer engagement, our instructors bring illumination to subject matters that is critical to businesses, their managers, and the professionals executing business strategies.
Our instructors are professionals and business managers, with both academic, and practical knowledge of the subject matter. They bring to the table, not only precise articulation of subject matter, but clarity in form and function, succeeding and failing strategies, and best practices; all horned by years of hands on experience managing subject matter initiatives.
Our workshops are sponsored, and hosted by leading businesses in our community.
Our hosts understand that continuing education of the professionals in their workforce, tasked with the design, execution and management of the strategies that is critical to the survival of their businesses, is proactive and wise, and is the single, best investment they can make for their organizations.
Our hosts work with us to identify the subject matter needed by professionals in their business, and community. They help us design, plan, promote and present informative workshops that delivers the shared results: better educated and informed professionals.
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